Working with Dragon Spirit Coaching Is a Step-By-Step Process That Involves…

Exploration, consultation, coaching work and finally, results!

Step 1: Explore and read through this website.

Most of our clients begin working with Dragon Spirit Coaching by spending time exploring our website. As you read through the information it contains, you'll begin to understand who we are, how we work, and what successes we may offer you. Reading through the website in its entirety allows you to decide whether or not you think we may be a good fit!

Step 2: Schedule a phone consultation.

If you decide the services we offer look like a good fit for your situation and goals, the next step is to schedule a phone consultation: You can schedule a consultation by calling us to set up an appointment. Or, you can move through Step 2 even quicker by using our online appointment scheduler. To do so, simply click the booknow button below...

Step 3: Initial telephone consultation with Iola Freeland.

During your initial telephone consultation, we'll spend time getting to know each other as well as focus on what type of strategy will best suit your needs.

The initial consultation:


Allows us to get to know each other.

Gives you an opportunity to explain your problem or challenges.

Focuses on what it is you want or are seeking through coaching.

Answers questions you may have about how coaching works, or my style of coaching.

Addresses how coaching may support you, and how we can customize the process to specifically suit your needs.

Discusses fees and a possible length of time we may work together.

Helps you decide whether or not coaching is right for you.

The initial telephone consultation usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. At the end of your initial phone conversation, you'll know exactly how to proceed with the next step in coaching and what your coaching process will include.

Step 4: Schedule your first appointment.

If you decide coaching with Iola Freeland is right for you, the next step is to schedule your first appointment. You can schedule your appointment using our online scheduler which will show you current available dates and times.

Step 5: Make your payment.

Once you've scheduled your appointment, you'll receive an invoice by email. You'll also receive a one page contract that spells out the details of our coaching agreement.

If you're one of our clients seeking SoundBytes™ of coaching support, you're ready to start after making your payment! All other clients will move on to Step 6 and receive their first set of Strategy Discovery Documents.

Step 6: Receive your first set of Strategy Discovery Documents.

After we've received your payment and signed contract, you'll receive your first set of Strategy Discovery Documents and can get started!

Your Strategy Discovery Documents will lead you to a fast and powerful jump-start for your first coaching session! They provide important information we can use to get you results as soon as possible.

Once we've started our work together, you can decide how long or how often you'd like to work with Dragon Spirit Coaching. You may wish to try us out for a month, or you may wish to make a commitment to coaching for three months or even longer.

You can commit to coaching for as long or as short a time period as you're comfortable with!



Thank you very much for being such a sensitive lady who challenges me to be playful and courageous in my new empowerment. The understanding of what many possible roles there are for me is awesome. It is such a pleasure to get nudges to be open to new possibilities and learning without the judgments.

Howard Smartt
Denver, Colorado


The Value of Customized Coaching

Dragon Spirit Coaching is customized coaching, and this makes the entire process more comfortable, enjoyable, more personalized and more productive for our clients.

Customized coaching takes into account your personal energy level and how you as an individual operate. We realize that every person we work with has a unique level of energy, and that every one doesn't like to work at the same pace!

Iola Freeland specializes in matching the pace of coaching to individual needs, so coaching is neither too overwhelming nor too slow-moving for each client's situation.

Whether you're a chronically ill individual balancing your productivity with a need to take things slightly slower, you're someone who's ready to jump in gung-ho to land a new job ASAP, or you're somewhere in between, you'll work at the pace that's right for you with Iola Freeland.



Iola guided my first session to what my needs were, using tools that fit to my interests and where I naturally needed this session to go. I left with a sense of forward movement, a clearer vision and some ideas for our next meeting, including ways to continue to build on the great momentum we have!

Kirsten Louy-Nasty
Boulder, Colorado


By working with Iola Freeland, you can actually have the best of both worlds: Long term results for a shorter term investment! Contact us today to learn more.

Dragon Spirit Coaching specializes in helping: small business owners, those seeking career change and/or advancement, those recovering from a chronic illness, and busy individuals wanting help with staying on track.

We offer a variety of coaching programs to help these types of clients achieve their goals in life, career and business.

We also help clients resolve unique problems or situations that are holding them back from having the life they truly want and desire.

ChangeGrid…the world’s only client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool.

Most people only dream about the changes they'd love to see in their lives—many have started on the path of making those changes occur—some can actually see the results of what they wanted, starting to happen, but few will actually reach their ultimate goal.

The solution to this problem is the ChangeGrid.

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Iola Freeland knew exactly how she wanted to help others years before the term "coaching" came into existence.

She knew she wanted to help people find what they were looking for and give them the tools they needed to be able to take the next step, move forward and achieve their goals more independently.

Iola dove right into what was already her life calling, founding Dragon Spirit Coaching in 2001.

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Dr. Ann B. Davis, N.D., LMT
San Antonio, Texas

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