ChangeWorks!®...Change Management System

The ChangeGrid™ is the world’s only client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool.

When coaching with Iola Freeland and Dragon Spirit Coaching, we utilize the ChangeGrid system.

The reason? Most people only dream about the changes they'd love to see in their lives—many have started on the path of making those changes occur—some can actually see the results of what they wanted starting to unfold, but few will actually reach their ultimate goal.

The solution is ChangeGrid.

Through the process you will clarify your objectives, inventory your readiness to succeed, identify and eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from getting what you want most, and most importantly…you'll become a finisher in a world of starters!

How does the ChangeGrid differ from other instruments?

The ChangeGrid is the only activity-specific instrument in existence. The client does NOT complete a standardized set of questions. Instead, a unique set of situation-specific activities is created by the client, with the help of a ChangeWorks Analyst. This means that:

For starters, it’s not a test…it’s a TOOL.
It doesn’t get used ONCE…it’s used continually.
It’s not static…it’s dynamic.
It’s not general…it’s specific.
It’s not esoteric…it’s actionable.
It’s not emotional…it’s logical.
It’s fully integrated into the entire change process.
It provides a unique map for each client.
It quickly brings clarity.
It’s not personality oriented…it's task oriented and measurable.

ChangGrid is different and unique, not an off the shelf, boxed solution. It's a powerful tool that's customized for every client!

Fabulous. My ChangeGrid reading was the best investment of time that I've spent on my business. I was thrilled when I got off the phone with the insights that helped me personally and business wise. He was so bang on with so many things. I have no doubt about the value of the ChangeGrid to get a business going.

Desiree Bauer
Certified HBDI Practitioner

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Steps Involved in The ChangeGrid Process…

Step 1: Discovery

Your Journey begins with a guided walk along your personal “Path of Self Discovery,” during which your ChangeWorks!® Professional will help you develop a clear and thorough understanding of your current situation, your desired situation, the obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to go—and what you need to do to get those obstacles out of your way...and reach your goal. Through this process, a unique list of as many as 50 distinct mission-critical activities is captured. This activity list becomes the foundation of your customized ChangeWorks!® profile—a one-of-a-kind experience for a one-of-a-kind person. Identifying exactly what needs to be done is a very valuable step...but it’s just the beginning!

Step 2: Exploration

Next, it’s time to create your ChangeGrid. The ChangeGrid is the world’s only client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool—and it answers a crucial and powerful question: “How likely are you to actually DO the things that you believe need to be done WITHOUT any outside support or guidance?” (Read that again.)

To complete your ChangeGrid, your ChangeWorks!® Professional will lead you through an exploration of each of the activities you’ve listed, asking you to assess yourself in three vital dimensions. Based on your responses, your ChangeGrid®  will emerge, revealing the level of attention each activity is naturally commanding—and what needs to be done to ensure that follow-through occurs on every mission-critical activity you’ve chosen.

What Does Your ChangeGrid Reveal About You?

This was the first time I experienced a formal business assessment tool that went straight to the core. What I discovered about the inner workings of my Business and how I contribute to its performance was exactly what I needed to hear. In fact, this assessment is so powerful; I actually had solutions surfacing that totally surprised me. Like having my own private Oracle!

Patricia Ogilvie
President, CAPS, Edmonton Chapter, Alberta, Canada

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Step 3: Action Planning

No doubt, some of the activities you’ve chosen will plot in desirable areas on the ChangeGrid—but many will miss the mark. That’s where your ChangeWorks!® Professional’s guidance will prove most valuable. Once you’ve identified the activities that need special attention, your ChangeWorks!® Professional will help you develop specific action plans for supporting you in reaching your goals. Action plans are built from unique combinations of “ChangeWorks!® Maneuvers,” which provide you with proven strategies and time-tested techniques for keeping yourself on the fast track to success.

Step 4: Guidance

Keeping you on track is the focus now. Your ChangeWorks!® Professional will re-administer your ChangeWorks!® profile to see how you are progressing. Additionally, your ChangeWorks!® Professional will meet with you to check progress, refine action plans and suggest ways for you to maintain discipline and accountability. Motivation is NOT the problem, discipline is!

If you are thinking of taking ChangeGrid Assessment, DO IT! It is profound, and deeper than any assessment I've ever taken. If you are ready to seriously assess your business you must take the time to do this.

Sandy Dumont
President NSA Virginia

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