What Makes Dragon Spirit Coaching Different?

Dragon Spirit Coaching differs from other personal and business coaching options in important ways.

These differences allow us to provide clients with the exact help they need to move forward and finally achieve the dreams and successes they want for their lives or businesses.

1. We take a customized approach to every client.

From the moment we start working together, the focus is on not only what you need, but how best we can help you achieve your goals. Instead of taking a canned or formulaic approach, we ask questions and listen carefully during a thorough initial consultation.

We then help you select the right set of tools and match the pace of coaching to suit you on a personalized level. You'll receive the benefit of individualized personal service customized to your specific needs and goals.

We realize that people are individuals who have unique energy levels. We focus on meeting our clients where they're at individually, so working with Iola Freeland feels completely natural, comfortable and also energizing! Helping you to access your most productive energy level is part of the customized approach we take to meeting your needs!



Strategizing to improve marketing and usage of my library with the use of some special software, Iola helped me to develop a plan to increase usage of my school library. She was very insightful and I came away with some workable strategies to achieve my goals. Highly recommended.

Loretta Johnson
Jordan, New York


2. We start from a world view and then bring the focus down to very specific levels with our clients.

In the past several decades, world thinking and consciousness in Western culture has been shifting towards an almost complete reliance on left-brained thinking. Disregarding intuition and the heart and soul of who we are has created a serious imbalance for many individuals, businesses and even governments.

At Dragon Spirit Coaching, our world view allows us to identify crucial areas of unrealized potential and untapped resources.

We focus on helping you learn to utilize both sides of the brain, so you can discover more balanced, insightful, energized and rapid approaches to breaking down and tackling difficult challenges.

Whole brain thinking and creativity will allow you to utilize your full potential and take advantage of assets and resources that are already at your disposal!

Our approach identifies and opens up whole new areas you've yet to realize on your own. You'll find this process to be energizing and very fruitful in bringing forth new ideas, answers and innovative approaches that can successfully solve old problems.

3. We take a holistic, spiritual approach to coaching.

The approach we take is holistic in that it is open-minded and focuses on not just the mental or physical aspects of your situation, but the spiritual aspects, too.

Rather than categorizing clients, we look at each one as a unique and whole human being with individual needs!

The "spiritual" approach we take does not involve religion. Our goal with coaching is not to tell you how to live your life or what to believe! Instead, our goal is to help you discover, identify and achieve goals that will resonate with you on a very deep level – with results that meet your needs and feel satisfying in your soul.

4. Dragon Spirit Coaching combines coaching with consultative types of services.

Some of our clients will benefit from coaching services alone, but others need help that's more in line with consultation services. This is especially true of our small business and career advancement clients.

If you will benefit from specific guidelines or instructions that can help you achieve particular goals for yourself or your business, we provide the exact support and tools you need!

Providing a Framework for Understanding the Coaching Process

At Dragon Spirit Coaching, we recognize that coaching is still a fairly young industry. Many of our clients have a sense of what coaching is, but don't really know quite what to expect. Starting with your first conversation, Iola Freeland takes the time to help you understand how coaching can support you and what it really involves.



On a day when I was wondering how I was going to take some very important next steps in my life I picked up a magazine with an article about coaching by Iola Freeland. She asked in that article, "Are you ready to re-ignite your passion for life"? I decided to give coaching a try, and I am on my way to possibilities I never knew existed!

Iola has been a support, a confidante, a listener and a challenger throughout the coaching process. I would encourage anyone who wants to move forward in his or her life to work with her. It's definitely one of the best choices I've ever made.

Donna Barr
Senior Paralegal
Legal Aid Society of Hawaii


Dragon Spirit Coaching offers unique services in an industry that's just starting to be fully understood.

Of the many benefits our services provide, one of the biggest is how quickly we're able to get our clients to as deep a level as possible, as quickly as possible.

When you work with Dragon Spirit Coaching, you can look forward to achieving results at as fast a pace as you're comfortable with.

You'll then be free to achieve the goals you're held back from today and can step into the place you most want to be.

If you're ready to achieve the goals and dreams you want out of your life and career, we can help! Contact us today to learn more.

Dragon Spirit Coaching specializes in helping: small business owners, those seeking career change and/or advancement, those recovering from a chronic illness, and busy individuals wanting help with staying on track.

We offer a variety of coaching programs to help these types of clients achieve their goals in life, career and business.

We also help clients resolve unique problems or situations that are holding them back from having the life they truly want and desire.

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Iola Freeland knew exactly how she wanted to help others years before the term "coaching" came into existence.

She knew she wanted to help people find what they were looking for and give them the tools they needed to be able to take the next step, move forward and achieve their goals more independently.

Iola dove right into what was already her life calling, founding Dragon Spirit Coaching in 2001.

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Dr. Ann B. Davis, N.D., LMT
San Antonio, Texas

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