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Coaching vs. Therapy
If you've ever wondered what the difference between coaching and therapy is, this article will answer many questions you may have. Click the link above to download the PDF of the article.

Chronic illness coaching shows significant benefits according to new study

A long-term study done at Stanford University indicates that interactions with a chronic illness coach can significantly increase the health of people with long-term illness.


Iola Freeland in the Media
The following links are articles that feature Iola Freeland and Dragon Spirit Coaching. These articles will give you more information about how we work and help you decide if we are the right fit for you!

Featured Article on Iola Freeland
Business Style: Dragon Spirit Coaching
Dragon Spirit Coaching Featured in Women's Edition

Circles Campaign aligns those in need with ‘allies’

Volunteer Spotlight on Iola Freeland 7-26-11

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