Does Papering Employers and the Internet with Your Resume Work?

Welcome to my very first post on Career Nuggets!  This is a new journey of expression for me and I hope you’ll feel encouraged to add your own thoughts and comments along the way about what is working and what is not in your career exploration.  And if you have questions along the way, please ask!  I’ll do my best to answer them as you post them. 

I may be sharing personal parts of my own story from time to time.  Whatever you find here, my intention is that you do come across Career Nuggets that help in your own personal search.  I also hope that this can serve as a soft place to land when you’re looking for answers or even just a place to be without having to think so hard! 

Here’s a little bit about my own work journey.  First of all, I do own my business.  That probably goes without saying since that’s probably how you found this blog.  I used to be out in the employment arena just like everyone else.  And I do have my share of interview/war stories, resume stories and just about any other aspect you can think of regarding the whole business of finding a job.  More will come in later posts as you and I hit on these subjects.

It can be very frustrating trying to figure out what will and won’t work.  So let’s get to it!  As a country and even as planet, we are all experiencing another level of growth and maturity in our awareness as a species.  The old paradigms that we were raised to believe would always be in existence have fallen by the wayside and a whole new way of interacting and obtaining gainful employment is in play.

Many, many people are wondering and even turning to finding other ways to create income instead of relying on the old standby of getting a job.  They usually combine starting a new business with holding down a full time job until the new business is truly up and running on it’s own.  Sometimes they are out of work and start a business just to feel they are doing something to bring in money.  As attractive as this path may seem to those desperate to have some sense of control in their lives, this is not an easy path to follow. 

I don’t discourage clients when they ask about how to do this.  I do want to make sure they have the most realistic and yet also positive start to starting their own business if they are really passionate about doing it.  I’m not here to be a wet blanket nor to be a Pollyanna about the difficulties of any chosen path.  I am here to both empower you and to help you succeed.

So with that understanding, what if you’re just wanting to find a job to see some positive cash-flow? Peanut butter, jelly and tortillas and ramen noodles may be getting old as the sole menu offerings at home.  That was my standard fare for awhile when I was struggling to stay in college and still have something to eat.  Imagine how much sadder it was when the jelly ran out along with the ramen noodles! 

But I digress.  So let’s get back to just looking at the basics of getting a job.  What doesn’t work?  Here’s something I see over and over again as a prevalent technique.  Do you know someone who has created their resume and then proceeded to paper the Internet with it?  Or maybe they have gone on a faxing campaign and sent it out to all of the available fax numbers they could find?  Then they scratch their head in perplexity and possibly some downheartedness when not even a single response comes through.  Why isn’t anyone calling them back and why not even an email of acknowledgement that their resume has arrived? 

Here’s part of the answer.  Human beings are at the other end of these communications.  If they see that you have sent a generic resume to them, most likely it will be “filed” and they move on to the next candidate.  They are inundated with this type of resume ALL of the time and they can spot them coming a mile away.  They’re more likely to “file” any future resumes or applications for employment from these types of applicants.  The “file” is a place where all nonviable resumes go. 

Companies are interested in applicants who have taken the time and effort to read what their job posting is for and then respond with something that shows the applicant is a good qualified candidate for them to consider.  The response can be in the form of a cover letter that conveys this clearly and concisely to the employer along with a resume that continues that same message. 

If you feel you don’t have the skills to put together a good cover letter and resume, it’s well worth it to hire someone who can.  Once you have that gold standard resume and cover letter put together, the experience itself will help you in better understanding how this process works and how much you can do on your own when putting together future employment applications.

So, whatever you plan to do, don’t expend your potential job applicant capital on this method.  It could cost you down the road if you do approach the employer again and you’re not sincere and informed in your solicitation for employment.  You must know what you are applying for AND you must as much as is possible be informed on whether your experience is a good match for what they need.

A generic resume by the way is a resume that someone creates and then sends out to everyone without a cover letter or doing anything to customize it to appeal to the recipient whether a company has job postings or not. 

Rather then using the spray and pray method of papering the Internet or papering anything else you can thing of, you’ll actually get more bang for your buck and time if you look more closely at the companies you are sending your resume to and narrow down your targets to those that are the most appealing to you

The more attractive they are to you, the more attractive you will be to them!  Huh?  That’s right.  If you are interested in a company and the position they are offering, you are already on the path to finding a good match.  Companies aren’t looking to hire warm bodies to fill a position.  They don’t have to.  Even if they are desperate to fill a position, the good ones won’t settle.  They already know from experience that employing just anyone is a recipe for disaster that includes a huge waste of time and money for them.  It’s not a pleasant journey for the hiring company or the new employee.     

Is the fact that you are attracted to working for them a guarantee of employment, the simple answer is no.  Just know that it is one of the many ways to narrow down the field to a manageable number to target in your job campaign.  There is so much that can be written about job hunting.  Whatever you are doing in your career and job search, it’s worthwhile to know what won’t work just as much as what will work. 

So, today’s tip regarding your career search is don’t resort to flooding all avenues to employment with your resume.  It’s much more productive and effective for you to approach each and every job application with a thoughtful and perceptive response via a carefully crafted cover letter and resume. 

Potential employers will appreciate you much more.  Even if they don’t see you as a match for the current job position, if they like what you’ve sent, they’re more likely to keep your resume around for something else they’d like to see you in.

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