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Welcome to my very first post on Business Happenings! This is a new journey of expression for me and I hope you’ll feel encouraged to add your own thoughts and comments along the way about what is working and what is not in your professional and business exploration. And if you have questions along the way, please ask! I’ll do my best to answer them as you post them.

I may be sharing personal parts of my own story from time to time. Whatever you find here, my intention is that you do come across Business Happenings that help in your own professional search for information, inspiration and guidance. I also hope that this can serve as a soft place to land when you’re looking for answers or even just a place to be without having to think so hard!

Here’s a little bit about my own work journey.  First of all, I do own my business.  That probably goes without saying since that’s probably how you found this blog.  I used to be out in the employment arena just like everyone else.  And I do have my share of searching, stumbling, getting back up and doing it all over again in that persistent search for something.  That something was what compelled me to keep going until I hit upon what I could do in this world that would feel the most satisfying to me.

Just about everything interests and fascinates me.  That constant curiousity kept propelling me forward to understand what was behind each area of interest.  What’s it like to do the kind of work someone does in the blue collar industry?  What about the corporate world?  Charities?  Business?  Government?  Academics?  Sciences?  Athletics?  How interesting it is to come across someone who is passionate about what they do! 

When this happens, if I really listen, it’s an opportunity to learn and understand more about the work they do and why it is so fascinating.  I find the insights gained blended with my own experience to be invaluable when relating to business clients.

With that said, what would you like to read about?  What is front and center of most concern to you right now?  Is it sales, marketing, staffing woes, clients, starting a business or running a business?  The topics are endless and the frustrations and joys are very real. 

I’ll be posting on various topics but if you don’t see what you need to read about most, drop me a line or better yet, post your query here.  My hope is that you’ll find this blog to be a great resource for getting the answers to your most burning questions as well as a great place to share your own wisdom!

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